In 2006, Jakob took the world by storm with Solace. They toured Europe, Australasia and the US, supported ISIS on their European tour and were personally invited twice to tour Australia and New-Zealond with Tool.
But in the following 8 years, disaster struck and by some freak coincidence all three band members suffered hand injuries that would leave at least one person unable to play at any given time. Wrist surgery, broken hands and severed tendons all contributed to Jakob having to wait and wat and wait. Every time that momentum looked like building, the band were forced out of action, including cancelling a 29-date tour of Europe in 2013.
Finally, in october 2014, Jakob hit back hard with the release of Sines on Mylene Sheath (US, Caspian/Pelican/If These Trees Could Talk) and Shoot The Freak Records (AU, The Jesus Lizard). Following it, the band finally came back to Europe in spring 2015. A triumphant return that saw them subheadline Belgium's Dunk!Festival and sell-out shows in London and Berlin.


Territory: Europe